Steampunk hands around the world (english version)

February has become the steampunk-month. This initiative was founded by an american and I confess, I was sceptical at first. Why, what is the use of it?

But I realised, it is the same question people ask about the nanowrimo. Why write 50.000 words in one month? Answer: because otherwise you wouldn't do it.

In both cases the topic ist: focusing attention. I am deliberately not writing: drawing attention. The important thing is, what happens inside me: I have to think about steampunk. And by doing that, I get more and more eager to write about it, to learn about it, and to talk with people about it.

And then I can give others my hand, and it is a real nice thought, to give my hand around the world. It is amazing, what already happend in the first few days. The positive energy that I feel is not normal in cool germany (and I do not talk about the temperatures outside).

Sometimes it is important to focus ones attention, and that is why this initiative is not obsolete. Haters gonna hate. I am delighted, and I am looking forward to present my own piece, which I created with my group "Evil kraken".

So: here is my hand. Stay steamy!

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